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Hearing aids can make a real difference in a deaf or hard-of-hearing person’s life. Hearing Charities of America created the Hearing Aid Project because we believe that healthy hearing should be enjoyed by all; regardless of income. Together with our partner providers around the country, we refurbish and dispense hearing aids to those who need them.

Please explore your local resources before applying to the Hearing Aid Project:

If you qualify for veteran’s benefits click here to visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website:

Are you still unable to find a hearing aid program that works for you? Continue below to see if you qualify for the Hearing Aid Project.

View Program Qualifications


  • Hearing loss diagnosed and documented by a licensed audiologist
    • Recommendation for hearing aid(s)
  • Low income- no health insurance
  • Low income- insured, but your policy provides zero coverage for hearing aids
    • Please note: HCOA cannot cover your deductible
  • A resident of the United States

To apply email