Hearing aids can make a real difference in a deaf or hard-of-hearing person’s life. Hearing Charities of America created the Hearing Aid Project because we believe that healthy hearing should be enjoyed by all; regardless of income. Together with our partner providers around the country, we refurbish and dispense hearing aids to those who need them.

Please explore your local resources before applying to the Hearing Aid Project:

If you qualify for veteran’s benefits click here to visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website:

Are you still unable to find a hearing aid program that works for you? Continue below to see if you qualify for the Hearing Aid Project.



  • Hearing loss diagnosed and documented by a licensed audiologist
    • Recommendation for hearing aid(s)
  • Low income- no health insurance
  • Low income- insured, but your policy provides zero coverage for hearing aids
    • Please note: HCOA cannot cover your deductible
  • A resident of the United States

How the Hearing Aid Project Works: A 3-Step Process

The Application

We encourage you to have the documents listed below available and ready to upload to your application before you apply.

  1. Copy of your Social Security Card
  2. Copy of your state-issued I.D.
  3. Copy of your health insurance coverage (if insured)
  4. Copy of your previous year’s tax return or proof of SSI/SSD benefits
  5. Copy of your audiogram/hearing test conducted by a licensed audiologist in the last 6 months

Do you have all of these documents ready to be uploaded to your application? If so, simply contact us at to get started. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL DOCUMENTS. Security of your information is extremely important to us, and email is not a secure method to transfer such personal information. After sending your email confirming you are ready to proceed with the application process, you will be sent a link to our secure application site.

If you have questions or need assistance with your application, please call 816.895.2410 or email

Clinical Services

Hearing Charities of America is fortunate to have a trusted network of audiologists and clinics who have generously offered their time and resources to ensure this project’s success. Through as little as three appointments you can be evaluated, fitted, and seen for your follow-up appointment.


Your hearing loss will be evaluated so that the proper hearing aid can be chosen from our National Hearing Aid Bank and sent to one of our labs for refurbishing.

If you have already been evaluated within the last 6 months, you can attach your hearing test to your application and move on to the fitting step.


Once your audiologist receives the aid(s) from our lab you will be fitted with your aid(s), and your last required appointment will be scheduled.


During the last visit your audiologist will ensure that your aid(s) is still working properly, and adjustments will be made as needed.

The warranty on the hearing aid begins when it is shipped from the lab to your audiologist. It is important that your fitting be scheduled quickly to allow full use of the warranty.

 Making Hearing Aids Available to Others

Once accepted into the program, recipients will be asked to share their story to help pay it forward so that others may participate in the project. This personal online fundraiser will be short, and gives friends and family the opportunity to help.

Learn more about paying it forward: