The Hearing Aid Project continues to receive an overwhelming number of applications. To best serve you, we are currently accepting applications from individuals located within a reasonable distance of one of our existing audiology partners. Please complete our online contact form to learn more.

–  If you are an existing audiology partner with the Hearing Aid Project, we will continue to take applications from your referred patients. Email for more information.
–  If you are interested in becoming a new audiology partner and helping low-income individuals receive no-cost hearing aids in your community, please email



Please explore your local resources before applying to the Hearing Aid Project:

If you qualify for veteran’s benefits, visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website:

Are you still unable to find a hearing aid program that works for you? Continue below to see if you qualify for the Hearing Aid Project.

View Program Qualifications


  • Hearing loss diagnosed and documented by a licensed audiologist
    • Recommendation for hearing aid(s)
  • Low income- no health insurance
  • Low income- insured, but your policy provides zero coverage for hearing aids
    • Please note: HCOA cannot cover your deductible
  • A resident of the United States