Help Others

Your Fundraising Efforts Make a Difference

Recipients of hearing aids, family, friends and even the occasional ‘angel’ supporter can create a Personal Fundraising Campaign to help others in need.

Start a Personal Fundraising Campaign using our easy online tool and soon you will be raising money for others desperately in need. Give the gift of hearing by starting a campaign and spreading the word among your network.

Your Group’s Fundraising Efforts Make a Difference

Sororities, fraternities, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, charities, chambers – wherever there is a group of people with a philanthropic desire, CELEBRATE SOUND is a fun, easy way to help.

CELEBRATE SOUND is a national fund and awareness-raising event created to help promote hearing health in our communities. Anywhere in the nation you can organize and lead a  CELEBRATE SOUND event easily and effectively.

Cash Donations Make a

The National Hearing Aid Project will put your generous cash donation to work making remarkable differences in the lives of the deaf or hard of hearing who don’t have the financial resources or access to hearing-related care.

Help us make a difference in their life and get us one step closer to a healthier hearing world. Donate now!