A New Year to Help Others Hear

Happy New Year! My name is Lila Jackson, and I am the Administrator of the Hearing Aid Project. I'd like to personally thank all of you who have donated your time, hearing aids and accessories to the national Hearing Aid Project (HAP). We are grateful for...

Turning Up for Hearing Health

We are ecstatic to announce that because of POUND. Rockout. Workout’s successful #TurnItUpTour and your relentless support, we are now able to change the lives of THREE people in need! From May 20 to June 18, POUND hosted their annual #TurnItUpTour, which strengthened minds, bodies and...

Will You Grow With Us?

Whether you have donated hearing aids, cash, or your time, we are are incredibly grateful for all of your efforts. Our program and recipients thrive because of your generosity! In addition, we would also like to thank some of the wonderful audiologists who have donated their...

Gabe’s Story

Big or small, all good deeds have the ability to transform someone’s life for the better. For 12-year-old Gabe, his impactful and life changing deed involves collecting hearing aids, which are being refurbished and fitted to individuals who cannot afford them in the United States through...

Team up with the Hearing Aid Project!

Millions of hardworking Americans experience hearing loss, and while some can afford hearing aids, many live without access to hearing aids due to the high costs. As an audiologist, you have seen firsthand how hearing loss affects an individual’s life in all aspects: mentally, physically and...

Download this poster to help others hear!

Help Us Spread The Word! We’d like to see this poster in your community! You can help us spread the word about the Hearing Aid Project. The national Hearing Aid Project collects your used hearing aids, refurbishes them, and provides them to those who can’t afford them....

The Ultimate Blessing
Our senses can bring us closer to some of life’s greatest gifts—whether it’s hearing our loved ones laugh, or watching their faces light up when they smile. But for one man, Nathaniel Jackson, losing his senses made him lose a sense of himself, until he received help from the Hearing Aid Project.
Audiologists. Will You Join Us?
The Hearing Aid Project takes donations of used hearing aids, refurbishes them, and provides them to those who can't afford them. When we identify a person in need within your community, we partner with an audiologist like you to perform the fitting.
Donate to End Isolation, a Silent Killer
The National Hearing Aid Project will put your generous cash donation to work to help someone who can't afford hearing aids reconnect to their friends and family through the joy of hearing.
Everyone Deserves to Be on the Dance Floor
The National Hearing Aid Project will put your generous cash donation to work making remarkable differences in the lives of the deaf or hard of hearing who don’t have the financial resources or access to hearing-related care.