Our senses can bring us closer to some of life’s greatest gifts—whether it’s hearing our loved ones laugh, or watching their faces light up when they smile. But for one man, Nathaniel Jackson, losing his senses made him lose a sense of himself, until he received help from the Hearing Aid Project.
The Hearing Aid Project takes donations of used hearing aids, refurbishes them, and provides them to those who can't afford them. When we identify a person in need within your community, we partner with an audiologist like you to perform the fitting.
The National Hearing Aid Project will put your generous cash donation to work to help someone who can't afford hearing aids reconnect to their friends and family through the joy of hearing.
The National Hearing Aid Project will put your generous cash donation to work making remarkable differences in the lives of the deaf or hard of hearing who don’t have the financial resources or access to hearing-related care.
Jobs in construction, manufacturing, and on assembly lines give many Americans the opportunity to improve quality of life. But for some, those same work environments can actually diminish it.
Hearing loss affects people differently, and unless you experience it day to day, you may not even realize how much of an impact it can have in every aspect of your life.
At the impressive age of 94-years-old, Effie Wilson has remained independent and self-sufficient with the help of the Hearing Aid Project and her loved ones.

Sounds like smoke detectors, tornado warnings and other sirens are too important to miss. These sounds save lives, yet for those with hearing loss, they can go unheard. How? Because the cost of hearing aids is too expensive for many. So, they go without. Which means,...

Gail Chaney worked as a dedicated and professional nurse for 31 years. She cared for her patients relentlessly, until her hearing loss began to take a toll on her life and career.