Donation bins and centers have become a staple in communities across the country, making it easier than ever to give old items a new home. Hearing aids are no exception, which is why the Hearing Aid Project makes it simple to turn donated hearing aids...

Audiologists are essential to the success of the Hearing Aid Project. Their time and expertise in fitting patients with their hearing aids is one of the most important parts of the process. The day a recipient is fit with their hearing aids is the day...

There’s no better feeling than having the sun kiss your skin or the wind blow through your hair. But for those with hearing aids, the heat of summer can quickly turn into the perfect storm.
The phrase “big things come in small packages” is often used when something small holds tremendous power. For Debra Lipowski, she recognized this power within her late mother’s hearing aid when she chose to donate to the Hearing Aid Project.
If you walk into the kitchen of Jose and Lydia Castro, you are bound to smell the fresh aroma of authentic Mexican cuisine being freshly prepared for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Lydia describes this traditional gathering as her favorite family activity.
Beth is a passionate volunteer who helps people all over the world. Nearly 50 years ago, Beth was doing missionary work in places that were severely devastated by war, which eventually caused her to suffer from several health-related issues such as the loss of her hearing. This time, Beth was the one in need of help as she found herself searching for hearing aid assistance. That's when she discovered the Hearing Aid Project.
It’s no secret that men and women have their fair share of differences. Shocking, right? But have you ever wondered why communication seems to be one of the biggest?
Being able to hear not only affects a person’s physical and emotional well-being, but healthy hearing can also help you live longer.
Can you put a dollar amount on life’s most meaningful sounds? What is it truly worth to hear your best friend’s laugh, or your child saying, “I love you?”