The Hearing Aid Project accepts hearing aids of any age or condition from donors across the country, but you may be wondering- where will my donated hearing aid go? Take a trip with us to follow a hearing aid’s journey from beginning to end.
A few years ago, Hearing Charities of America (HCOA) began dreaming of a way to help those with hearing loss all over the United States.  In August 2016, HCOA’s dream was turned into a reality when the Hearing Aid Project officially launched.
Stephanie Gardiner-Walsh is a tremendous advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She is an accomplished professor in Deaf Education at Illinois State University, and is deeply involved with HLAA and Sertoma Camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.
In early March, Wanda Joyce Brock started the process of receiving free hearing aids from the Hearing Aid Project. Noticing the decline in her daily communications with colleagues and loved ones, she was eager to restore her hearing for those around her.

Donation bins and centers have become a staple in communities across the country, making it easier than ever to give old items a new home. Hearing aids are no exception, which is why the Hearing Aid Project makes it simple to turn donated hearing aids...

Audiologists are essential to the success of the Hearing Aid Project. Their time and expertise in fitting patients with their hearing aids is one of the most important parts of the process. The day a recipient is fit with their hearing aids is the day...

There’s no better feeling than having the sun kiss your skin or the wind blow through your hair. But for those with hearing aids, the heat of summer can quickly turn into the perfect storm.
The phrase “big things come in small packages” is often used when something small holds tremendous power. For Debra Lipowski, she recognized this power within her late mother’s hearing aid when she chose to donate to the Hearing Aid Project.
If you walk into the kitchen of Jose and Lydia Castro, you are bound to smell the fresh aroma of authentic Mexican cuisine being freshly prepared for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Lydia describes this traditional gathering as her favorite family activity.