One of the first to receive free hearing aids from the Hearing Aid Project, Brittany Schoen exuded excitement during her first interview shortly after being fit with her aids.
Wanda Joyce Brock, a 66-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, has an undeniable passion for symphonies, reading and her family. The harmonious melodies of the violin, cello and double bass were just a few of her favorite sounds… until she could no longer hear them clearly.
Whether you realize it or not, hearing aids hold a substantial amount of power. These small, yet incredible devices make big things possible for people every day.
Do you work in an environment with excessive noise? If so, your ears are at risk! Noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable, permanent and can affect your income and performance on the job.
Addressing the issue of hearing loss with a friend or loved one can be uncomfortable in the beginning, but is ultimately necessary in the long run.
Happy New Year! Have you crafted the perfect resolution yet? If the answer is yes, does your list sound similar to: dieting, exercising, quitting bad habits or possibly helping others?
Let’s talk about hearing loss for a moment, shall we? Whether your hearing loss is temporary or permanent, we understand that your quality of life is impacted daily. The good news is we’re here to help!
At the age of 8, a stick of dynamite exploded near Patrick Newman’s left ear, leaving him with a substantial and unexpected amount of hearing loss.