The Four Keys to Ear Cleaning
Let’s talk about hearing loss for a moment, shall we? Whether your hearing loss is temporary or permanent, we understand that your quality of life is impacted daily. The good news is we’re here to help!
The Sound of a New Beginning
At the age of 8, a stick of dynamite exploded near Patrick Newman’s left ear, leaving him with a substantial and unexpected amount of hearing loss.
The National Hearing Aid Project
At Hearing Charities of America we provide resources on a daily basis to many in search of hearing aids who cannot afford them.
Hearing Aid Collection Centers
Are you interested in taking part in the National Hearing Aid Project? You can help by participating in a grassroots activity that will help collect hearing aids of any age or condition to be refurbished and given to qualified recipients of the project.
Raise Funds for the Project- We Need You!
Hearing Charities invites hearing aid recipients, donors, and supporters of the project to help ensure that those who are hard of hearing can receive the hearing aids they need; regardless of income.