Are Your Ears Protected in the Workplace?

Are Your Ears Protected in the Workplace?

Do you work in an environment with excessive noise? If so, your ears are at risk! Noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable, permanent and can affect your income and performance on the job.

It is also more common than people think. According to the US Department of Labor, an estimated $242 million is spent annually on workers compensation for hearing  On average, those with profound hearing loss lose up to $12,000 of income per year.

Although many businesses have started investing in protection for employees, awareness and resources are still limited. If you work at any of the following jobs below, we strongly suggest investing in hearing protection!

(Keep in mind that sounds above 85 decibels can result in noise induced hearing loss.)

  • Barista: Between the loud espresso machines and social customers, a coffee shop can easily surpass 85 decibels at any given time.
  • Flight Attendant or Pilot: A typical commercial airplane operates steadily at 85 decibels per flight. Next time you’re flying; don’t forget to pack protective earbuds or headphones to block out the extra noise!
  • Law Enforcement: Firearms are capable of producing sounds up to 140 decibels. One gunshot alone can cause irreparable damage. Hearing protection is a must in this profession.
  • Carpenter/Construction: One table saw can create up to 104 decibels. Many tools involved in this trade can produce even more dangerous decibel levels. Don’t take any risks, always wear protection!

    For those who are currently struggling with hearing loss in the workplace, you are not alone. The Hearing Aid Project is here to educate and assist those who need hearing aids to maintain employment, and can help continue pursuing their career goals. Learn more about the Project and our mission now!