Children’s Lit on Hearing Loss

Children’s Lit on Hearing Loss

Minimizing the many misconceptions about hearing loss is an ongoing objective of hearing health professionals, authors, directors, activists, and those who experience it. While accessibility measures and media continue to emerge to improve accommodations and the public’s understanding of this health issue, learning how to navigate the world while experiencing hearing loss can still be difficult in 2022—especially for kids. Hearing Charities of America developed and published Say What? – a children’s book written to highlight the challenges young people face when their loved ones begin experiencing age-related hearing loss. In the same spirit, Super Kena – A Girl Made Fierce with Hearing Aids by Becky Cymbaluk was written to help children understand what life with hearing loss can look like for themselves and peers. With more hearing loss-related movies and literature circulating each year, the stigma and misinformation continue to wane; making the world more friendly and accessible for those who are differently abled.

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