Help the Project Provide Wanda with a Hearing Aid!

Help the Project Provide Wanda with a Hearing Aid!

Wanda Joyce Brock, a 66-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, has an undeniable passion for symphonies, reading and her family. The harmonious melodies of the violin, cello and double bass were just a few of her favorite sounds… until she could no longer hear them clearly.

Wanda noticed a decline in her hearing health around the age of 59 when she began to ask her friends and loved ones to speak up more frequently. Her untreated hearing loss has led to social isolation and has made it difficult for her to enjoy the simple luxuries of life.

After searching for hearing aid assistance, Wanda stumbled upon the Hearing Aid Project and is currently taking part in the program.  The Hearing Aid Project provides hearing aids to those who cannot afford them. It also fills in the gaps for those who are unable to receive assistance through Medicare, Medicaid or insurance.

One donation, regardless of the size, will help Wanda obtain the hearing aids she needs to live a full and happy life again.

She is currently engaged and is working part-time for a psychology group and cognitive therapy center. Your donation will significantly improve both her personal and professional life. Together, we can give Wanda a life changing gift. Donate to help her and others today!