Hearing Aids for Helping Hands

Hearing Aids for Helping Hands

Beth is a passionate volunteer who helps people all over the world. Nearly 50 years ago, Beth was doing missionary work in places that were severely devastated by war, which eventually caused her to suffer from several health-related issues such as the loss of her hearing. This time, Beth was the one in need of help as she found herself searching for hearing aid assistance. That’s when she discovered the Hearing Aid Project.

Beth grew up in the quiet city of Douglasville, Georgia, but knew her life would be anything but ordinary when she began pursuing her passion of helping others overseas.

In her 60s, she began to lose her hearing and went through several cataract surgeries. Some of her doctors attributed her vision problems to her missionary work in the dry and humid temperatures of the Middle East. On average, Beth spends a few months each year with her church helping abused refugee women escape war torn areas.

Although Beth was able to find some relief when it came to her vision loss, she was still in need of hearing aid assistance. She began searching for resources and eventually discovered the Hearing Aid Project.

Beth received hearing aids from the Project and is currently volunteering in Israel. Her new ears have allowed her to hear the voices of those she helps a little more clearly, and has made her smile a little bit brighter.

After receiving hearing aids from the Project at no cost, Beth generously donated $100 to the project in hopes that she could give back and change another person’s life.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful hearing aids,” Beth said. “I am very grateful. This is a blessing to me. I hope this donation helps provide hearing aids to others in need”

One donation makes a difference. Join the Project’s mission of healthy hearing for all and consider giving or helping  someone in need. One hearing aid not only changed Beth’s life, but it has allowed her to change and save the lives of others around the world.