The Incredible Power of Donating

The Incredible Power of Donating

The Hearing Aid Project accepts hearing aids of any age or condition from donors across the country, but you may be wondering- where will my donated hearing aid go? Take a trip with us to follow a hearing aid’s journey from beginning to end.

Janet from Tucson, Arizona has recently become a widow. Her husband of 42 years, George, wore hearing aids the last few years of his life. She remembers how expensive they were, but felt lucky they could afford them. George was so happy to be able to hear his three grandkids’ laughter again. Only a few months have passed, but Janet feels ready to donate his things. She searches ‘hearing aid donation’ and finds the Hearing Aid Project. The next day, she packages up the hearing aids and includes a short note.

“Please find a good home for these hearing aids,” she writes. “They belonged to my late husband and brought so much joy back into his life.”

Less than a week later, the Hearing Aid Project receives Janet’s package in the mail. The hearing aids are taken to the University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Hearing and Speech where they are evaluated and put into the hearing aid inventory.

Alison from Baltimore, Maryland, has been approved to receive hearing aids through the Hearing Aid Project. Struggling daily to communicate with coworkers, Alison worries she’ll lose her job. Just like George, she loves her grandchildren, and they require her financial support. Alison is connected with a trusted audiologist, Dr. Norin, who reviews her hearing test and the hearing aid inventory. George’s hearing aids are exactly what Alison needs. Upon request, the hearing aids are sent to the refurbishing lab where they are repaired, cleaned and promptly sent to Dr. Norin.

Two weeks later, Alison arrives at her fitting appointment. Dr. Norin puts the aids on Alison, and she can hardly believe what she’s been missing. The joy, excitement and emotion can be seen all over her face. She can feel secure in her job and continue to care for her grandchildren.

Donated hearing aids allow the Hearing Aid Project to help individuals like Alison, but we need your support! Your donations allow us to refurbish hearing aids, ship hearing aids, and work with audiologists that ensure hearing aid recipients receive the best care. Make a donation to the Hearing Aid Project and be a part of the journey to better hearing health!