Daughter Donates Mother’s Hearing Aids

Daughter Donates Mother’s Hearing Aids

The phrase “big things come in small packages” is often used when something small holds tremendous power. For Debra Lipowski, she recognized this power within her late mother’s hearing aid when she chose to donate to the Hearing Aid Project.

Debra describes her mother Mary as a hardworking woman who worked full-time at Sears Roebuck to make ends meet. As a single parent, Mary always put her children’s needs in front of her own. And it was Debra who was the first to notice her mother’s hearing loss shortly after her retirement.

With her daughter’s support, Mary went on to receive a hearing aid that brought vigor back to her life and her favorite activities. “My mother enjoyed working outside in her vegetable garden and yard,” Debra says. “But she loved her Bingo and would go as many times as she could afford each week. This was really her one real passion and enjoyment in life. She literally lived for Bingo. Being able to hear clearly is important when playing Bingo.”

Debra is grieving the recent loss of her mother, but finds solace in knowing her hearing aid will help someone in need. “After what my poor mother had to go through just to get by in life, I did not want to see anyone have to financially or mentally struggle to be able to hear the normal sounds of life.”

Just like it did for Mary, her hearing aid will provide a newfound joy for a recipient of the Hearing Aid Project. Join others like Debra who are donating hearing aids to the Hearing Aid Project to improve the quality of life for those struggling with hearing loss.

Don’t have a hearing aid to donate? You can still provide support! Make a donation or get involved in the Hearing Aid Project to help those receiving hearing aids through our program.

You hold the power to change a life!