Helping Others is a Dream Come True

Helping Others is a Dream Come True

A few years ago, Hearing Charities of America (HCOA) began dreaming of a way to help those with hearing loss all over the United States.  In August 2016, HCOA’s dream was turned into a reality when the Hearing Aid Project officially launched.

One-quarter of Americans suffer from significant hearing loss, which makes it one of the country’s most widespread health issues. The national Hearing Aid Project was created with the intent to eliminate the financial burden that countless men, women and children face daily when trying to obtain hearing aids.

One year later, the Hearing Aid Project is now able to share many exciting stories. Since its launch last summer, 34 lives (and counting) have been changed.

For many of the program’s recipients, hearing aid assistance prompted the start of new relationships, opportunities, careers and more. More importantly, it has brought unimaginable joy and happiness to all aspects of their lives. Don’t believe us? Just ask Patrick, Brittany, Jose and Lydia Castro or Beth.

As we celebrate and reflect upon the first year, the Hearing Aid Project would like to thank the 37 participating audiologists, donors and individuals who raised money through personal fundraising. Without your continued effort and support, we would not be able to change the lives of people in need.

If you’d like to help the Hearing Aid Project continue to grow and help more people, please make a gift today. It has been a successful first year, but this is just the beginning. Your generosity allows grandmothers, sons and mothers to have a second chance at love, life and communication. Find out how you can get involved with the Hearing Aid Project!

First Year Testimonials!

“Hearing loss was affecting my relations with my family, coworkers and church. I was becoming a social recluse. I did not realize how bad my hearing was until the aids were in! This is a huge blessing and it will enhance my life.” -Donnie Thomas

“Receiving hearing aids through the Hearing Aid Project has allowed me to hear and sing better when volunteering. The Project allowed me to experience the world of sound again!” –Wanda Joyce Brock 

“Getting new hearing aids is something I’ve agonized about for the last year or two. These hearing aids have allowed an expensive weight to be lifted off my shoulders.  I feel like I can focus on my life and not my hearing.” –
Brittany Schoen