Musician and Mother Finds Hope with the Hearing Aid Project

Musician and Mother Finds Hope with the Hearing Aid Project

The Hearing Aid Project has provided various individuals with hearing aids all across the country. What they all share is the desire to improve their hearing health, while regaining the joys of everyday life.

We ask our recipients about their loved ones and what brings them happiness.  Often, this happiness is a passion or hobby that has suffered as a result of their untreated hearing loss.

For Eileen Bernstein of Baltimore, Maryland, music is her greatest joy in life. An avid singer/songwriter, she dreams of having a song play on the radio or in film. Eileen plays both the piano and acoustic guitar and loves to perform at festivals and coffee houses as a solo act and in a duo called Double Intrigue.

When she began performing in her 30’s, Eileen made a conscious effort to wear musician’s earplugs to protect her hearing. She described her hearing as “perfect” up until she began playing in bands in 2015 at age 52- the same year she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

“Musician friends noticed I was singing off pitch.” She explains. “I couldn’t comprehend when my teenage son was speaking right next to me, and it affected my ability to respond to job interview questions both over the phone and in person.”

Eileen has been approved to receive hearing aids through the Hearing Aid Project, and will soon be able to perform at her best both onstage and in job interviews. “Improved hearing made possible by the Hearing Aid Project means I will have increased opportunities for employment.” She says. “Now I have hope that I can play music for the rest of my life.”

At this very moment, someone like Eileen is unable to take part in an activity that once brought them joy. Make a donation to the Hearing Aid Project and help others like Eileen. Your donation could mean the difference between a meaningful life and social isolation. Donate Today!