What Happens After the Project?

What Happens After the Project?

In early March, Wanda Joyce Brock started the process of receiving free hearing aids from the Hearing Aid Project. Noticing the decline in her daily communications with colleagues and loved ones, she was eager to restore her hearing for those around her.

For herself, it was her love of classical music she desperately wanted to enjoy again.

On May 31 Wanda was successfully fit with free hearing aids through the Hearing Aid Project. Are you curious to see what her life was like before?  Read Wanda’s initial story! Now over a month later, we reached out to check on her progress.

“It is so nice to be a part of the hearing world again!” Wanda says. “I never realized how much hearing impacts your life.  I thought I could just get by with having everyone repeat themselves, but it became so tiring. Now, my job relationships have improved and music is a sweet sound again!”

Many like Wanda are just beginning their journey to receiving the gift of sound through the Hearing Aid Project. These devices are life changing and will make a difference.

“Now that I can understand my surroundings, my world just got a lot busier!” Wanda concluded.

With your generosity and support, we can continue to provide hearing aids to many more in need just like Wanda. Get involved or simply donate to the Hearing Aid Project to help those with hearing loss regain what they’ve been missing in the world around them.