One Personal Fundraiser. Six Lives Changed.

One Personal Fundraiser. Six Lives Changed.

Ayanna may seem like an ordinary 14-year-old girl from Cranberry, New Jersey, but she is anything but ordinary… she’s extraordinary.

Aside from breaking the Hearing Aid Project’s personal fundraising record, Ayanna has now impressively raised $3,032, which has changed the lives of six individuals.

Her story is quite remarkable. At the age of six months old, Ayanna was diagnosed with severe to profound hearing loss. As a child she received a cochlear implant and a hearing aid, which have allowed her to grow, develop and communicate effortlessly with those around her.

Ayanna is extremely appreciative for the assistance she received as a child. Her personal journey is ultimately what inspired her to give others the gift of hearing.

“I can’t imagine living in a world where I can’t communicate verbally with my friends and family, or listen to my favorite music,” Ayanna said. “Without access to hearing technology, I would have struggled. Through my fundraising efforts, I want to help children and adults benefit from the gift of sound, just like I did!”

Thanks to her father, Ayanna found the Hearing Aid Project online and created a personal fundraiser. Growing up, she remembers receiving unconditional love and support from her family. Even now, they have remained some of her biggest cheerleaders and donors.

“I am so thankful that my family has helped me, and I want to continue raising money to support others,” she said. “I can just imagine the moment when someone I helped can hear.”

In just a few simple steps, you can create a fundraiser like Ayanna and give someone a moment they will never forget – hearing the voices of their loves ones again. Ready to get started?

Create your personal fundraiser today! Invite your friends and family to support your cause. Every $500 raised provides a person in need with hearing aids. If you are interested in supporting Ayanna, you may also donate to her fundraiser!