Turning Up for Hearing Health

Turning Up for Hearing Health

We are ecstatic to announce that because of POUND. Rockout. Workout’s successful #TurnItUpTour and your relentless support, we are now able to change the lives of THREE people in need!

From May 20 to June 18, POUND hosted their annual #TurnItUpTour, which strengthened minds, bodies and turned up the volume and purpose in the lives of participants around the world.

This year, to help even more people, POUND donated a percent of their merchandise and kits to support Hearing Charities of America and the national Hearing Aid Project. It is because of incredible partnerships such as these, that we have been able to provide 200 hearing aids (and counting) to men and woman in the U.S. who cannot afford these life changing devices.

Every donation helps cover the costs of shipping, refurbishing fees and all of the clinical services our recipients need to live a happier and healthier hearing life.

We strive to help families reconnect with their children, just like Nathaniel and Barbara. We strive to bring back the joy of music to those who could not imagine life without their passion, just like Eileen.

These three lives have been changed indefinitely by our supporters, and because of POUND’S support, we will undoubtedly change three more. We are extremely appreciative of everything you have done.

To learn more about our partner and how they are making a positive impact around the world, please visit their website. For those who are looking to give hearing aids, get hearing aids, or would like to join us in helping others obtain assistance, please visit ours.

When we come together we can do more. Thank you to everyone who turned up this year for hearing health!