Making a Mother’s Dream Come True

Making a Mother’s Dream Come True

Barbara Green began experiencing hearing loss in 1990. She was having trouble with drainage and pain in her ear, and eventually had surgery to fix the problem. Unfortunately, this surgery did more harm than good and damaged her hearing permanently, leaving her with a dire need for hearing aids.

In order to even talk on the phone, Barbara has to turn the volume up and still requires her friends and family to repeat themselves often. But sometimes her efforts are simply not enough. Her hearing loss has affected some of her closest and dearest personal relationships.

Fortunately, thanks to a recommendation from her audiologist, Barbara found the help and hope she needed from the Hearing Aid Project.

She is currently in the process of receiving hearing aids, and is looking forward to enjoying all of the meaningful and important sounds life has to offer – including her children’s voices.

“My son is in the military and is stationed in Alaska,” she mentioned. “I miss him, and having hearing aids will allow us to talk more.”

With the help of your generous donations, we are able to give individuals like Barbara the gift of hearing her son’s voice again. Will you please continue to help us help families in need?  One donation is all it takes to bring a family back together. Make a cash donation, or create a personal fundraiser to support those who need it most! Every dime truly makes a difference.