Will You Grow With Us?

Will You Grow With Us?

Whether you have donated hearing aids, cash, or your time, we are are incredibly grateful for all of your efforts. Our program and recipients thrive because of your generosity!

In addition, we would also like to thank some of the wonderful audiologists who have donated their services. Without you, we could not fit our recipients with life changing hearing aids or provide the best care and clinical services possible.

Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do!

Brittany Brose
June Mcculough
Amy Nedostup
Rebecca Miller
Devlin Duckery
Tabitha Parent-Buck
Sarah Fisher
Casey Rededing
Cole Campbell

Noelle Davis
Terry Yanway
Christine Njuki
Thomas Hinchey
Nancy (Ann) McMahon
Gregory Delfino
Kathleen Sinks
Elizabeth Jardine
David Jardine

If you are an audiologist looking to volunteer and make a difference, please email info@hearingcharities.org to join our growing team!

If you are interested in fundraising, donating hearing aids, or volunteering, you can learn more about getting involved with the Hearing Aid Project by clicking here!