75-Year-Old Recipient Pays it Forward

75-Year-Old Recipient Pays it Forward

As we start the New Year, the middle of December seems like a distant memory. While most were busy preparing for the holidays, Dorethea Custer and her loved ones were celebrating early due to the arrival of a life-changing letter.

A 75-year-old resident of northwest Pennsylvania, Dorethea received an approval letter to receive hearing aids through the Hearing Aid Project on December 15. In addition to this letter, she was given instructions on how to carry out a personal fundraiser as a way to “pay it forward”, allowing others in need to receive the same gift of sound through the Hearing Aid Project.  The personal fundraiser can be done via our user-friendly website or a small fundraiser can be carried out in the recipient’s community.

Dorethea was excited about the chance to help others with hearing loss, but knew her physical challenges would make it difficult to complete her fundraiser. In addition to her hearing loss, Dorethea has been blind for many years.

Thankfully, Dorethea’s daughter championed the effort on her mother’s behalf and has assisted with her fundraising efforts. By sharing her page and story on social media, they have raised nearly $250!

Reaching their $500 goal will provide the joy of hearing to someone just like Dorethea, who simply wants to get back to the activities she once enjoyed. Her visual impairment and hearing loss has made moving around difficult, and she looks forward to regaining her independence.

“I love to make jewelry and listen to audiobooks. Hearing aids will allow me to return to my favorite activities!” Dorethea says.

Help Dorethea pay it forward by donating to her fundraiser. Or, start a personal fundraiser yourself!

All funds raised will ensure that someone with hearing loss can have access to technology that will change their life for the better. Give the gift of hearing, get started today!