A Second Chance at Hearing Happiness

A Second Chance at Hearing Happiness

Living with hearing loss can be immensely isolating. A once vibrant individual may exclude themselves from conversations or even opt out of attending a social gathering altogether. For 83 year-old Marjorie, skipping Sunday service or a family gathering is not an option.

Celebrating church service and her family are activities she has always cherished. But as her ability to hear faded, so did her determination to stay engaged. She still attended activities, but resigned herself to sitting in silence.

A resident of West Virginia, Marjorie Sears has experienced hearing loss for ten years. Now living in a long term care facility, she has a case manager that saw her need and reached out to the Hearing Aid Project for help. Marjorie was quickly approved for free hearing aids and services!

Eager to move forward with the process, Marjorie sent in a photo and a few details about herself. Throughout the years, her sense of humor has been one of the biggest ways she has been able to deal with her hearing loss.

“My husband always said I only heard what I wanted to hear” she jokes.  When asked what she looks forward to regaining the most, she noted better communication with her children and grandchildren, but couldn’t resist a sarcastic comment. “I hope I can hear if the ladies at church are talking about me!” she exclaims.

Marjorie’s positivity and sense of humor have gotten her through the difficult loss of her husband of 62 years in 2015, along with recent worsening of her hearing loss. She will soon receive a gift that will improve her relationships and quality of life, all thanks to those who have given their support and donated to the Hearing Aid Project.

The Hearing Aid Project is never done. People like Marjorie need your donations to ensure they can receive free hearing aids through this life changing program. Donate cash today to help spread the joy of hearing!

A gift of any amount will go towards providing more laughter and less isolation to someone struggling with hearing loss. Donate today to help spread the joy of hearing!