Audiologists: Get Involved in the National Hearing Aid Project!

Audiologists: Get Involved in the National Hearing Aid Project!

We invite private audiologists, audiology clinics, and university based clinics to join the National Hearing Aid Project.

The Project provides refurbished hearing aids and services to low income individuals who cannot afford them. Approved recipients cannot start the process of receiving their aids until they are a connected with a qualified audiologist in their area. We are actively seeking audiologists and clinics to help us spread the joy of hearing in three appointments or less!

How it Works:
Eligible recipients have their hearing loss evaluated if they have not had a hearing test within the last six months. Participating audiologists will have access to our inventory of hearing aids to determine what is best for the patient. Refurbished Aids have a one year warranty and the audiologist receives the aids from the refurbisher for the fitting.

One follow up visit is required to ensure the effectiveness of the aid and make any adjustments as needed.  Beyond this, future follow up visits are at the audiologist’s discretion and possibly at cost to the patient.

Due to the low income status of our participants, we would love to have audiologists and clinics offer their services pro bono. However, we understand those we are asking to participate still have a business to run, and it needs to be profitable. We simply ask that those interested consider one to two pro bono patients a year.

For those who want to do more, Hearing Charities will pay slightly above Medicaid for similar services as finances allow. Further details are available in the agreement form provided by Hearing Charities.

Participating audiologists must be licensed, have two years of clinical experience with audiology and hearing aids, and will be asked to provide the following documents:

Current CV including employment history, current employment, and education

  • A copy of your audiology license
  • A copy of your hearing aid license
  • A copy of your state issued Business Registration certificate
  • A copy of your malpractice insurance
  • Signed agreement with Hearing Charities

Hearing Charities would like to thank the audiologists and university clinics that have given their time and expertise to helping us launch the Hearing Aid Project! Through their support, we have started creating a trusted network of professionals who unite in the mission of better hearing health.

We look forward to strengthening this cause and working with passionate individuals that share our vision of a healthier hearing world! To learn more about how to get involved in the National Hearing Aid Project, please call or email Hearing Charities of America at 816.333.8300 |