Charities Collaborate to Help Cancer Patient

Charities Collaborate to Help Cancer Patient

The incredible impact of the Hearing Aid Project comes down to collaboration. Many of our recipients find our program through a case manager, or family member committed to helping them find resources for their hearing loss.

We are thankful for these individuals, and have recently found an ally in Vickie’s Angel Foundation – a Pennsylvania based charity that helped us provide hope and hearing to a patient battling cancer.

Eleanor Dowling, 84, is a resident of Hanover, Pennsylvania. Due to mounting medical bills from her battle with cancer, her family reached out to Vickie’s Angel Foundation to ease their financial burden. Following this assistance, it became clear to the Foundation that Eleanor’s hearing loss was a serious concern. She could not adequately communicate about her medical care, and her family feared they were losing precious time with Eleanor as she could not keep up with conversations.

Thanks to the quick action of Mickey Minnich, the founder of Vickie’s Angel Foundation, he was able to connect the Dowling family with the Hearing Aid Project. Eleanor was provided free hearing aids and services and can now gain comfort and joy from talking with the loved ones around her. Her battle with cancer is not yet won, but improved hearing will ensure that she can fully understand what lies ahead.

The mission of providing hearing aids to those in need cannot be accomplished alone. Team up with us to fight hearing loss by making a donation to the Hearing Aid Project.  Your donation today will help someone in need tomorrow. Donate now!