Erik’s Special Wish

Erik’s Special Wish

What makes a Birthday special? Is it the gifts, cake or coming together with loved ones?

For Erik, his 36th Birthday became extraordinary when he dedicated it to a cause and charity dear to his heart – the Hearing Aid Project.

His desire to help others hear was sparked by his own personal experience of living with hearing loss, which began in the spring of 2008.

As a full-time swim coach, Erik is no stranger to noise. He credits his hearing loss to years of excess noise and not using hearing protection.

Living with noise-induced hearing loss affected Erik’s life in every way possible, until his parents provided him with hearing aids as a gift.

“The hearing aids have changed my life. I didn’t realize how much time I spent coping with my hearing loss!” Erik exclaimed. “The relief and change was instantaneous. I started enjoying my life and job immediately.”

His parent’s generosity soon became his inspiration for helping someone else in need. Since he was “gifted” with hearing aids, Erik decided to use his Birthday to help someone else in need.

In order to do so, he hosted a unique and one-of-a-kind Birthday party. Instead of collecting gifts, he charged guests $10 and donated all of the proceeds from his party.

Erik’s charitable Birthday event raised $645 for the Hearing Aid Project, and successfully provided one person in need with a hearing aid! Just like Erik, another life has now been changed.

Whether it’s hosting a Birthday party, creating a personal fundraiser or making a donation – every dollar donated to the Hearing Aid Project will be used to give someone the gift of sound and happiness. Will you help make another person’s wish come true this year by donating today?