Mary’s Story

Mary’s Story

Mary Cooke has loved music for as long as she can remember. But when she was a child she began losing her hearing, which took a toll on her passion and ability to communicate.

Although her family has been extremely supportive through all of her health challenges, without hearing aids she continues to miss out on the simple pleasures of everyday life.

“I used to play piano,” Mary said. “But I have had strokes and seizures, so I am learning all over again. Without my hearing, it’s hard to hear the piano.”

Mary’s hearing loss has made her feel isolated from both music and those around her.

“I think hearing has a lot to do with how you feel,” she added. “If you can’t hear, you feel lonely.”

With new hearing aids, Mary will no longer feel deprived of the things she loves, like playing the piano or interacting with loved ones.

Don’t we all deserve to feel like we’re included? Shouldn’t we all be able to listen to the music we enjoy?

With your help, we can give Mary and others just like her the invaluable gift of hearing. All it takes is one donation to reunite someone with their dream or family. Make an unforgettable impact by donating now!