New Hearing Aids Help Pediatrician Pursue Dreams

New Hearing Aids Help Pediatrician Pursue Dreams

Medical students across the country eagerly await their graduation this spring, and will begin their residencies soon after. Many wonder, ‘Will I be matched to the residency program I want?’ ‘Will I feel ready to start treating patients?’ For one medical student, her worries were far more unique.

‘Will I be able to hear and understand my patients?’

Bonnie McKee, a dedicated and hardworking medical student at the University of Kansas Medical Center, was diagnosed with hearing loss at 18 months old.

“My older brother was diagnosed first. Despite passing my newborn hearing test, I was evaluated and have a similar loss.”

Bonnie’s severe loss has required accommodations during medical school that were not easy to get. Often relying on lip reading to effectively communicate, she knew her dated hearing aids would be a huge hurdle during her residency. Wanting to provide the best care to her patients, she reached out to the KUMED Speech and Hearing Department’s audiology clinic for help.

As a director of the KUMED Audiology Clinic, Dr. Lauren Mann works closely with the Hearing Aid Project. The audiology clinic houses the inventory of donated hearing aids that are refurbished and given to those in need through the Project.

After an evaluation by Dr. Mann, it became clear that Bonnie needed hearing aids that could be connected to a stethoscope during patient exams, and  would allow instructors to provide guidance directly through her hearing aids.  It was at this point the real teamwork began!

The ReSound Linx 3D hearing aids were identified as the best option for Bonnie. The Project teamed up with Foundation for Sight and Sound, a hearing health organization that has provided hearing aid assistance for over 13 years, and ReSound, a leading hearing aid manufacturer that consistently produces innovative and high tech hearing aids and accessories.

Thanks to this incredible collaboration, Bonnie was given the technology she needs to confidently continue her journey to becoming a pediatrician. Bonnie is incredibly thankful for this gift, along with her family, friends and husband that have been there every step of the way.

“I have a phenomenal support system that encouraged me to break out of my shell. My hearing loss has been a blessing in disguise, forcing me to persevere in everyday activities, which have paid off in pursuing my dreams.”

Bonnie was fit with her hearing aids by Dr. Mann and graduate student Abigail Kaplan shortly before Thanksgiving, and is thrilled with the results.

“I am particularly thankful for the generous support from the Hearing Aid Project. These hearing aids are not only a direct benefit to me, but it will also benefit the patients I will care for. Thank you so much for everything! I am extremely grateful!”

The Hearing Aid Project welcomes any opportunity to work with hearing health organizations and companies to help individuals like Bonnie. Collaboration is the key to the Project’s success, and we’d like to team up with you next!

Get involved, or make a cash donation to the Hearing Aid Project to help us provide hearing aids to those pursuing their dreams. Teamwork makes the dream work!