The National Hearing Aid Project

The National Hearing Aid Project

At Hearing Charities of America we provide resources on a daily basis to many in search of hearing aids who cannot afford them.

We speak with those looking for themselves, mothers and fathers looking for their children, or children looking for their parents. The one thread between them all is the financial obstacle they face.

The National Hearing Aid Project was created because we believe that healthy hearing should be enjoyed by all; regardless of income. Our mission is to provide direct services by placing refurbished hearing aids with low income individuals with hearing loss. These hearing aids can make all the difference in someone’s personal and professional life, and allow them to better interact with the world around them.

Our staff and supporters are hard at work getting ready for the launch of this program, and we are excited to get others involved! Taking part is as easy as making a hearing aid or cash donation, setting up a collection center, or supporting a personal fundraiser. Any and all donated funds and support will make it possible for someone to receive the gift of sound. Join us, and help us help others!

Personal fundraisers for hearing aid recipients will be available after our launch. In the meantime, you can donate or set up a collection center today!

Visit to make a hearing aid or cash donation.

To learn how to set up a collection center, contact us at: | 816.333.8300