The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery

Bruises may heal, but many victims of domestic violence suffer long term damage. For Kathleen Johnson, this trauma will last her lifetime. Left permanently disabled and unable to hear the voices of her loved ones, she has now found hope for recovery through the Hearing Aid Project.

Kathleen’s abusive marriage ended in 2004, but the blunt force trauma she received caused her hearing loss to go from moderate to severe. Since her injury, she has struggled with communication in every aspect of her life.

To cope, Kathleen reads lips, guesses or asks people to repeat themselves. Her hearing loss has made it difficult to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Without hearing aids, she has missed out on her favorite songs and the sound of her beloved 8-year-old Chihuahua, Emily. Now in a safe, loving relationship, she looks forward to closing the door on her painful past with her new hearing aids.

With help from an advocate, she found the Hearing Aid Project, and an opportunity for a fresh start. She will soon receive her new set of hearing aids, and knows the sky is the limit as she anticipates what life will be like in this next chapter.

“I’ll be able to hear the birds chirp!” she exclaimed. “I will be able to function normally in a room full of people again.”

Every $500 raised for the Hearing Aid Project allows us to provide ONE person in need with a hearing aid. With your generosity, we can help give a strong survivor like Kathleen the second chance she deserves. Donate $25 today and join us in taking a stand to support those who need it most.